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A State of Mind
Documentary, Foreign - 2004
Two young North Korean gymnasts prepare for an unprecedented competition in this documentary that offers a rare look into the communist society and the daily lives of North Korean families. For more than eight months, film crews follow 13-year-old Pak Hyon Sun and 11-year-old Kim Song Yun and their families as the girls train for the Mass Games, a spectacular nationalist celebration.
A State of Mind
Crossing the Line
In 1962, a U.S. soldier sent to guard the peace in South Korea deserted his unit, walked across the most heavily fortified area on earth and defected to the Cold War enemy, the communist state of North Korea. He became a star of the North Korean propaganda machine, but then disappeared from the face of the earth. Now, after 45 years, t...
A State of Mind
A look at the April 15, 1989 tragedy at Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England, where a stampede in the stadium's standing-room-only areas killed 96 people and injured 766. The film also examines the ongoing efforts of victims' families to seek truth and justice, as well as tangible effects on English football, including stadium up...
A State of Mind
A look into the 100-meter final at the 1988 Seoul games.
A State of Mind
The Game of their Lives
A BBC documentary producer is given unprecedented access in North Korea to chronicle the story of the famed 1966 World Cup team from the North that advanced to the quarterfinals. The feature includes interviews with surviving members of the team, English fans and soccer pundits who saw the North Koreans upset Italy, 1-0.
A State of Mind
The John Akii Bua Story: An African Tragedy
At the Munich Olympics of 1972, John Akii Bua, from the impoverished African country of Uganda, powered round the inside lane in the 400m hurdles, past the English favourite, and reigning Olympic Champion David Hemery, to win the gold medal, 10m clear of the field. John Akii Bua had become the first African to win gold in an event unde...


93 min
Release date:
1 Jan 2004
English, Korean
1 nomination.

Top Critics Reviews

Gordon gives an intimate, balanced account of how political power, famine, power shortages and a hatred of America have shaped their young lives.
– Paul Malcolm,
L.A. Weekly,
1 Sep 2005
A fresh, straightforward portrayal of what the film calls 'the least visible ... least known ... least understood ... country in the world.'
– Kevin Crust,
Los Angeles Times,
1 Sep 2005
It's a quietly wrenching eye-opener.
– Ty Burr,
Boston Globe,
2 Sep 2005
A riveting BBC documentary that illuminates the character of that nation.
– Jeff Shannon,
Seattle Times,
23 Sep 2005
This fascinating documentary details day-to-day life in the hard-line Communist state of North Korea.
– Richard James Havis,
Hollywood Reporter,
30 Sep 2005
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